More of Maine

Maine had a lot to offer. We were only there about three days. We would have readily doubled our days there. These photos were taken in Edgecomb.

This was the view from our little cottage.

Edgecomb, Maine

The photo above is from a nearby dock.

Edgecomb, Maine

The photo above is from the same dock as the photo preceding it.

Edgecomb, Maine

The photo above is another from our little cottage. This was taken early, early morning on a quite foggy day. And to give you an idea of the weather, this was taken after quite a bit of the fog let up. In the distance was a bridge and several boats. You can see the shadow and weight of where the bridge would be.

Edgecomb, Maine

Live in Wonder

A friend of mine put it best, saying:

“They are quite cute when caught thinking about the world.”

This canvas, “Live in Wonder”, started as an original photo I took in October of 2012. My focus was the fountain at first and then I spotted the boy. We were both watching the water until we suddenly saw each other.

I love the worn and aged look. This canvas is currently drying in my kitchen, waiting to move to yours.

This beautiful gift is grey scale and therefore quite versatile.

It would be perfect for a child who needs some inspiration or really for anyone who needs reminding that living in wonder is the most rewarding way to live.

Size — 4 x 6 inches (and half an inch deep).

Ink on canvas.