An Aging Bridge

I won’t exaggerate. I love Vermont.

You can find these falls in Rutland, hidden under an aging bridge. If you’re going, wear walking shoes. Trust me. The paths aren’t tricky but the footing nearer the falls can be, especially if it’s rained recently. Also be sure to chat with a local about the train schedule before heading that way because they’re incredibly loud and you’ll feel the ground shaking from blocks away.  All of that aside, the view is worth the walk.Rutland Falls

Rutland Falls

Rutland Falls

It would affect us.

No one could remember the last time either parent had actually seen the view from the top. It had been over 10 years since I had hiked that mountain. The kids couldn’t figure out just why their parents felt their rightful resting place was to be up there, but while walking back down, I think I found the reason.

I had never been present for the spreading of ashes before Sunday morning, but I’m closer to understanding the desire now. Maybe one of them had an idea of how it would affect us.

There were about 15 of us–friends, children, nieces–loved ones drove and drove to climb together, pushing both physical and emotional limits to say ‘goodbye’.

We each had a special place for that mountain in our hearts already, but change can be good. It’s not as frightening when there’s a love-filled hand helping you continue climbing.

I watched my cousins lie down at the edge and release their parents. Dust to dust. They were all around us. It was a relief to know why we were there. A few of us looked up in time to notice that there was a swirling cloud of ashes lingering just overhead. It only lasted a moment before fading into the wind.

*Ashes to Ashes was recently purchased. But don’t worry; it’s staying in the family.

North Places

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