In some regards, America infuriates me. More than that, western style media has a lot of explaining to do.

When even the slim, healthy, strong women lack the confidence they deserve to feel, I move to detest our media. Even those who found their own drum to walk to – even these men and women are part of the equation.

A friend and I were out swimsuit shopping Friday afternoon and found ourselves both contemplative and furious with the state of self-esteem of the youngest generation.

I look at my nieces and nephew with hope and love that they know they can choose their emotions and opinions. They can decide whose company to place themselves in. They can read and listen and learn and love the world if they so choose. As an aunt, I plan to do all I can to show them these things. And to make sure they never doubt the love I have for them and the beauty they exude.

We owe this to our children.