More of Maine

Maine had a lot to offer. We were only there about three days. We would have readily doubled our days there. These photos were taken in Edgecomb.

This was the view from our little cottage.

Edgecomb, Maine

The photo above is from a nearby dock.

Edgecomb, Maine

The photo above is from the same dock as the photo preceding it.

Edgecomb, Maine

The photo above is another from our little cottage. This was taken early, early morning on a quite foggy day. And to give you an idea of the weather, this was taken after quite a bit of the fog let up. In the distance was a bridge and several boats. You can see the shadow and weight of where the bridge would be.

Edgecomb, Maine

Basking in Blue

Blue MountainsMy throat’s sore. I’m exhausted. And I dealt with too many perturbed people today, but everyone loves looking at mountains.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

June was Vivid

As promised, here are a few more of my favourite shots from the Vivid Sydney light festival last month!

Vivid Sydney

The festival took place along the shorelines of the city. It was a beautiful night filled with lights that are becoming quite famous here. Learn more here (

Vivid Sydney

The buildings, structures and sculptures along the Sydney Harbour waterfront were lit to please. And they did.

Vivid Sydney

Fortunately for you, you know someone who lives here and would LOVE to show you some of the photos she took!

Vivid Sydney

Nothing short of spectacular.

Here’s the scoop

So here’s the scoop on my next art gallery exhibition–

Gallery Café on Devonshire St in Surry Hills, Sydney. It doubles as a gallery and café, yes, and is capable of one of the best soy coffees around. Great food menu too.

Open 7am – 4pm Monday through Friday. It’s a 2 minute walk from Central.

Happiness Herein

Great news!

For those who haven’t heard, at least.

We just got back from a wonderful long weekend camping along the southern shore (photos to come) and I returned to two particularly happy emails:

1) Our family dog (back in the States) has finally perked up health-wise. She’s nearly 13 years in age and has been struggling lately, but she is now on antibiotics and happily gaining some strength back.

2) A recent photo of mine won a photography contest! Read the announcement here. This is the photo I entered that won $100. The theme for the contest was “happiness”.

Happy new year!