I shot an event at Pine Street Gallery roughly 2 weeks ago. These are a few of the shots of the night’s musician, Tom Corben.

Pine Street 4.4.14 187

Pine Street 4.4.14 186

Pine Street 4.4.14 184

Pine Street 4.4.14 183


Made in America

The above scene is a light festival in Centennial Park, NSW. It was one of my first experiences with night photography. The below scene took place in my favourite cafe in Surry Hills. It, too, was a first experience. Italicised writing is me.

Are you American?


Do you know Francis?

I’m sorry?

Francis. Do you know him?

Um,  no, I’m sorry I don’t know your friend. It’s not exactly a small country.

(In my head: Of course! All Americans know each other.)