Sailing Solo

The print above depicts a crisp, calm ocean scene in Maine. It’s amazing that five weeks have already passed since we left this spot.

This sailboat is the only one in view and no one’s complaining. A crystal clear view and a beautiful sun soaked afternoon–this is all we asked for that day.

This was taken at the close of a whale watch cruise in Boothbay Harbour, Maine. A beautiful harbour filled with the most beautiful hues of blue.

More of Maine

Maine had a lot to offer. We were only there about three days. We would have readily doubled our days there. These photos were taken in Edgecomb.

This was the view from our little cottage.

Edgecomb, Maine

The photo above is from a nearby dock.

Edgecomb, Maine

The photo above is from the same dock as the photo preceding it.

Edgecomb, Maine

The photo above is another from our little cottage. This was taken early, early morning on a quite foggy day. And to give you an idea of the weather, this was taken after quite a bit of the fog let up. In the distance was a bridge and several boats. You can see the shadow and weight of where the bridge would be.

Edgecomb, Maine

A Foray into Maine

Growing up in New England, it’s customary to spend your holiday time in a few particular places: Maine, Cape Cod, Vermont, etc. It’s a local custom. In a recent holiday to the US, we did just that! Here are a few photos from the teeny town where we stayed: Edgecomb, Maine.

More to come.


Edgecomb, Maine