From Camera to Canvas

Welcome to the newest art in my home!

Initially these five canvases were going to be a gift for my other half, but after seeing how they were coming out and knowing that any feasible holiday was still months away… I caved and surprised him. In no time, they were up in our living room. They fit in perfectly.

What you’re looking at are five small panel style canvases. Each canvas started as an original photo I took sometime in the last year. I wanted to make something very “us” and I definitely achieved that.

I love the aged, distressed look. The black, white and grey tones fit into the decor of our living room simply and easily.

From camera to canvas–from my home to yours! If you like what you see, by all means let me know. I’d love to make you something similar. I’ve been experimenting with transfers quite a bit lately and have a few more, larger, pieces in the works.