Wrapping up 30 days of so much thanks

29 November

Have you ever noticed how green the grass is right before it rains? And even more so during the rain? That’s what I saw all day Friday. Today I’m thankful for the rain that held off every time I went outside and provided just the misty, refreshing air we needed.

30 November

We spent today prepping for Thanksgiving–cleaning, doing errands, making final touches to the menu, and then starting the cooking. Tomorrow, 10 of our closest friends will arrive to celebrate, eat, drink, and reminisce with us. I can’t wait! I’m so thankful for this time of year and all the love we have to share.

30 Days of Thankful? Read on. It’s good for you :)

Texture, Dynamic, and Colour

17 November

Today I’m thankful for art. In particular, I’m thankful for the challenge of figuring out a tricky framing… and nailing it!

It was a piece bought years ago from a photographer. It was mounted in a cheap almost styrofoam style matting and it was starting to fall apart. I took it apart to frame it properly only to find out that it was cut into unusual dimensions too. It took me far longer than I initially had expected to even find a suitable size frame. I ended up buying an inexpensive print from Ikea solely for the sake of the matting I wanted. It had equally unusual dimensions, but I had an idea. Texture and dynamic and colour would be my guides. I took everything home, made a lovely mess of our office/studio and starting really working through this other artist’s piece. I finally felt it in my fingers that I was finished when this beautiful framed photo fell into my hands. See below.

18 November

I am so thankful for homemade mac and cheese. Mine’s full of veggies and keeps us healthy and happy. Here’s the recipe.

19 November

Today was lovely. I spent the day with two lovely women doing a day’s worth of wine tasting together in the Hunter Valley. I’m so thankful to have them here and to have these weeks reminiscing of our college/uni days together. Wine country is a lovely addition too!

20 November

I’m so grateful that flat shoes/ballet flats/gladiator sandals are ‘in’. Heels are pretty and sexy, I know, but I’d rather be barefoot any day. Today was exhausting and I’m dead on my feet. They’ll be okay though.

21 November

I saw my city from a brand new view tonight. Of course that was after I worked two extra hours at work without a break. Ugh. It was a wonderfully productive, completely draining, can I have some chocolate now, type day.  I met a few friends in the tallest skyscraper in town so watch the sunset. I love city living, especially one that puts me smack dab next to the ocean. Today I’m thankful for all the cities I’ve called home over the years.

22 November

Today was me and me alone at home. Doesn’t happen often. I packed for our weekend away. I cleaned. I did errands. And? I sat. I read. I drank coffee. I’m thankful for a Friday at home 🙂

30 Days of Thankful? Read on. It’s good for you :)

Your new favourite pub game

Get ready for your new favourite game while at the pub with friends. We call it “One, Two, Three, you’re married!”

  • First person that walks by, marry him/her or pass?
  • Second person that walks by, marry him/her or pass?
  • Pass on one and two, you simply must marry the third.
  • One, two, three, you’re married.

And when this guy walks by, I’d recommend “passing”.

A well-earned weekend

After a stressful January and a desire to do anything but focus on the last month of havoc, we had a lovely well-earned weekend. The two best parts?

A tall ship cruise in the Sydney Harbour for dinner and drinks with our closest friends, and… our lovely, ritual weekend coffee date.

Happy February!



Slanting Cities

Spur of the moment travels. These situations happen to me a lot.

This time the slanting city that found me happened to be a halfway point between a place I loved and one that’s growing on me. This city is the edge of a puddle I just jumped.

Welcome to San Francisco.

I hope you packed some walking shoes… or an adorable guide with a car

Circle Round the Sun

He doesn’t think his English is exactly exceptional. He’s not overly confident yet he’s one of the most intelligent and worldly individuals I’ve met. I’ve known only a few people like him.

This week he’s been telling me again and again how this book he’s reading is changing his life.

He says:

“You can choose your thoughts. You can choose your behavior and your future. Your genetics and your past and your family don’t have to decide who you are. You can choose.”

He’s certain that there are circles in our lives but that we can change their shape.

I know these things. I read. I’m fairly worldly. But to hear him say these things like it’s the first time they’re being said is still monumental.

I smile because I know what he’s saying is true.

But… he may be saying it for himself more than he’s saying it for me. Nonetheless, this man is exceptional. And I’m glad.