30 days of thankful

1 November

Tonight I’m thankful for starting November surrounded by some of my very best friends. Pizza and movies — a simple night made perfect by closeness, friendship, and understanding.

2 November

Thankful for my partner in crime who loves me for all of my qualities–lovely, annoying, and quirky. Thanks for the sparkling clean house I came home to today.

3 November

Thankful for my immediate and my second family. I would be in a much worse place without you all.

4 November

Thankful for the freedom to bitch and vent when I’ve had a trying day. Thankful for the friend who listened. And, thankful for good rum.

5 November

Thankful for my weekly chats with my mother and sister overseas. Despite the time difference and the obvious miles, you’re still with me all the time.

6 November

Thankful to have grown up in the state that was the first to legalise same-sex marriage in the US. Today Illinois followed suit. It’s about damn time that the rest of the country wakes the hell up. All love is equal. And it’s worth noting that I’m glad to have grown up in a community where it was acceptable to question the way things were done and change them if you could.

7 November

Thankful for having one of my very best friends living here in Sydney with me. It blows my mind that we’ve known each other for seven years already and that we’ve lived in both Columbus and overseas together. What a wonderful sister.

8 November 

Thankful for a workplace that sponsors me to be live in Australia. I love traveling and they’re a huge reason that I’m not “traveling” but really living here. It’s a beautiful thing.

*Curious about 30 Days of Thankful? Read on. It’s good for you 🙂

Thinking outside the box/city

A colleague of mine jokingly asked the other day if I’d mind taking photos of my photography that is currently on display in an exhibition down the street from our office. I looked at him, smiled and laughed.

In retrospect, I thought my family, friends, fans and followers outside of Sydney might enjoy a peak at what is up in that gallery right now.

Gallery Cafe

Gallery Cafe

Gallery Cafe

Gallery Cafe


Gallery Cafe

Gallery Cafe

Gallery Cafe

Gallery Cafe

Gallery Cafe