Legend Tells Us

I mentioned a few posts back that we spent a gorgeous (but chilly!) long weekend in Mudgee recently. This pit stop of sorts was one of the best pieces of the entire weekend. You’ll see why.These rock formations are known as the Three Sisters. You can learn more about their background here.Aboriginal legend says that the three ancient formations were three sisters turned to stone by a magic doctor of some kind. He wanted to protect them from harm and so temporarily transformed them from women to stone but was killed before he could change them back.

Legend aside, the view was spectacular.

Twelve Kangaroos

Mountains, man. They’re pretty sweet.

No, in all honesty, I do love the mountains. There’s a calmness that comes with living near them. These few photos (more to come), were taken in a recent trip up and past the Blue Mountains. You can see them in the distance.


This dirt road leads to the guest house where my extended family and I stayed for a long weekend. Our first trip down this dirt road was nearly at midnight. We’d been warned to keep our pace slow and caution–wildlife, kangaroos, cows, hares and more had been seen traversing throughout the evening. While the concept thrilled me, my other half just laughed at my excitement. The drive was anti-climactic however. NOT A DAMN THING. And I love kangaroos. You can imagine my disappointment.  Upon arrival, I (sort of jokingly) tell the group that I swear there must only be a dozen or so roos in the entire freaking country and I bet some bloke in a van just drives them around, dropping them off here and there, then picking them up again. For some reason, they found this (and me) hysterical. We ended up seeing plenty of critters the next day… Not more than 12 though.


It was a beautiful trip. And wine filled. Not much beats family, friends, vineyards and birthday parties!

Your new favourite pub game

Get ready for your new favourite game while at the pub with friends. We call it “One, Two, Three, you’re married!”

  • First person that walks by, marry him/her or pass?
  • Second person that walks by, marry him/her or pass?
  • Pass on one and two, you simply must marry the third.
  • One, two, three, you’re married.

And when this guy walks by, I’d recommend “passing”.

Walls of Our Own Making

Great news–I’ll have a few pieces in a gallery in April! In the mean time, I need your input to decide on my subject:

The theme: Here and Now. What’s affecting our generation? What do you think about, worry about, love/hate about our time?

Here are some of the most powerful answers I’ve received so far:

  • I hate that no matter where you go…it seems inflation is soaring, and people are struggling more and more.
  • How technology and social media affect relationships and become a barrier to them
  • Ignorance! To all things change and otherwise.
  • Dependence on technology
  • Communication and interdependence. Both love and am challenge by how technology creates opportunity to disconnect from others but also powerful opportunities and ways to connect
  • I’m worried about our addiction the media and it’s effect on education. Instead of opening a book, a teenager goes on Chelsea Lately’s Twitter or watches the Kardashians.

  • Also the internet’s incredible ability to provide so much on sex. A young girl watches porn and learns sex ed from it.
  • What’s affecting our generation–starting to deal with adult hood

    what I think about is work, people, music
    what I worry about is love
    what I love about our time is the sounds
    what I hate about our time is the lack of support for education and educators in the world

  • I hate totalitarianism. Especially the celestial kind in the form of religion. I hope people can let go of age-old myths and rely on reason, debate, and common ground to form the moral basis for how to treat one another” –anonymous

The photo above is part of a recent study of walls: the baby boomer generation put up walls to safeguard a happy, healthy, wholesome image. My generation, the children of the baby boomers, have our own version of walls. We still have them, but we like to think we don’t or if we do that we’re quite open-minded, carefree people. What I’m learning however is that our technological generation uses a wall of another kind. Our walls are ones that we create where we can control how we’re seen in a different way. An example: our social media profiles, they foster communication, absolutely, but we also hide behind them. My recent study, therefore, was in discovering and exploring different sorts of walls.

Find Your Freedom

I saw this surfer a few weeks back. We were walking along the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea and I spotted him.

On a separate note, I’m not one to spout my beliefs onto others but if you’re interested in enforcing stricter gun laws in the States, please review and consider signing this petition. I was horrified, again, when the news of the Connecticut primary school shooting reached us in Sydney. We have to protect our families, friends, and one another. For me, that includes keeping weapons out of irresponsible hands. More weapons do not translate to more safety. The petition is here: “Immediately address the issue of gun control through the introduction of legislation in Congress.”

Happy holidays, friends.

See or Be Seen

I did a photography challenge with a local camera company here in Sydney. This is one my favorite photos from the day of shooting.

There are a few of these childlike statues around the city. While creepy at times, they make for a great shot. I’m still not sure if the couple pictured was staring at me or the statue.

Circle Round the Sun

He doesn’t think his English is exactly exceptional. He’s not overly confident yet he’s one of the most intelligent and worldly individuals I’ve met. I’ve known only a few people like him.

This week he’s been telling me again and again how this book he’s reading is changing his life.

He says:

“You can choose your thoughts. You can choose your behavior and your future. Your genetics and your past and your family don’t have to decide who you are. You can choose.”

He’s certain that there are circles in our lives but that we can change their shape.

I know these things. I read. I’m fairly worldly. But to hear him say these things like it’s the first time they’re being said is still monumental.

I smile because I know what he’s saying is true.

But… he may be saying it for himself more than he’s saying it for me. Nonetheless, this man is exceptional. And I’m glad.