The Child Finder – Likeable and Annoying

If you can like a book and find it annoying at the same time – that’s what I did and the reason for my 3 out of 5 star rating of The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld.

Denfeld wrote a page-turner and, yes, the characters are interesting, but I found Naomi to be the only truly complex, real character. Every other was a struggle to relate to… which is alright in the fact that my experiences are vastly different to Denfeld’s characters, but as a reader you NEED to related to a novel’s cast or you don’t feel as invested.

I completely disagree with the sentiment that The Child Finder is a top book of the year or a thriller. The writing is nice and quick but in no way remarkable.

Our narrator, Naomi, is a young private investigator known in her field as ‘the child finder’ due to her unique talent of locating missing children. The reader follows Naomi through a few cases which seem to echo her own past in ways she hasn’t felt comfortable exploring previously.

While I enjoyed the Denfeld‘s book, I would recommend dozens of others before this.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Currently Reading this Beast

This beast of a book is taking me longer to finish than I expected and not for lack of trying… granted the beast itself is over 800 freaking pages.

Game of Thrones: the first in the famous series penned by Mr. George R. R. Martin. I have about another 70 pages to go.

I’ve yet to decide if I’ll critique it properly – I’m leaning toward “no” as the public view of Martin’s work and the current television show are already so awash with ideas and reviews. I’m enjoying both, no less.

Next on my list are a few library borrows, plus another one lent by a neighbour. In order:

  1. Men We Reaped by the recently reviewed Jesmyn Ward (my views here)
  2. Room by Emma Donoghue
  3. The Last Pulse by Anson Cameron

For more reviews and lists to peruse, check out Goodreads. My recommendations are here.

What are your top reads for 2016?