A Whole-heartedly Beautiful Place

I visited this temple on New Year’s Day with 3 of my favourite people. The grounds of the Nan Tien Temple are breath-taking. Learn more about the temple, located in Wollongong, New South Wales, here: www.nantien.org.au.

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A Path Toward Gratitude

We visited this lovely temple on New Year’s Day with some of our closest friends. It’s meant to be a path toward gratitude. It was a lovely walk ending with the ringing of one of the largest bells you’ve ever seen.

On another note, we started a new tradition this year. During the last few months, we wrote a few happy notes down each week. Basically, when something wonderful happened, or even something ordinary and kind, we would write down that memory and place it in a jar on our mantel. Then on New Year’s Eve, we unfolded each note and took turns reading them aloud and reflecting on the past year: where we’ve been, how far we’ve come and the happiness we’ve shared.

Those same notes are now in an envelope, marked with the year, on our book shelf as a token to the past and future. This too has been a path to gratitude.