Basking in Blue

Blue MountainsMy throat’s sore. I’m exhausted. And I dealt with too many perturbed people today, but everyone loves looking at mountains.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Legend Tells Us

I mentioned a few posts back that we spent a gorgeous (but chilly!) long weekend in Mudgee recently. This pit stop of sorts was one of the best pieces of the entire weekend. You’ll see why.These rock formations are known as the Three Sisters. You can learn more about their background here.Aboriginal legend says that the three ancient formations were three sisters turned to stone by a magic doctor of some kind. He wanted to protect them from harm and so temporarily transformed them from women to stone but was killed before he could change them back.

Legend aside, the view was spectacular.

Twelve Kangaroos

Mountains, man. They’re pretty sweet.

No, in all honesty, I do love the mountains. There’s a calmness that comes with living near them. These few photos (more to come), were taken in a recent trip up and past the Blue Mountains. You can see them in the distance.


This dirt road leads to the guest house where my extended family and I stayed for a long weekend. Our first trip down this dirt road was nearly at midnight. We’d been warned to keep our pace slow and caution–wildlife, kangaroos, cows, hares and more had been seen traversing throughout the evening. While the concept thrilled me, my other half just laughed at my excitement. The drive was anti-climactic however. NOT A DAMN THING. And I love kangaroos. You can imagine my disappointment.  Upon arrival, I (sort of jokingly) tell the group that I swear there must only be a dozen or so roos in the entire freaking country and I bet some bloke in a van just drives them around, dropping them off here and there, then picking them up again. For some reason, they found this (and me) hysterical. We ended up seeing plenty of critters the next day… Not more than 12 though.


It was a beautiful trip. And wine filled. Not much beats family, friends, vineyards and birthday parties!

Spontaneity has its place

We had a staff development day at work this week. Half insightful, half shocking. No exaggerations.

The insightful bit was focused on interaction, team skills, and personal styles. We were divided into four generic personality types. I suppose you could label it a simpler Myers Briggs. I was labeled appropriately for the most part. As negative as that sounds, the traits I was defined with were far more positive than those of the stark opposite personality type. That group was joking labeled the  “assholes” while mine received far kinder words, like “empathetic” and “relationship and listening focused”. That was alright. And completely factual on my part. I was also labeled “on the fence”. A bit wishy-washy, right? I do tend to be take my time in making decisions, but I assure you I do dumb things quickly just as often as I do them slowly.

Spontaneity has its place. I found some spontaneity, in fact, when I found this fence last weekend during a family holiday in Mudgee. Striking, isn’t it?