Happiness Herein

Great news!

For those who haven’t heard, at least.

We just got back from a wonderful long weekend camping along the southern shore (photos to come) and I returned to two particularly happy emails:

1) Our family dog (back in the States) has finally perked up health-wise. She’s nearly 13 years in age and has been struggling lately, but she is now on antibiotics and happily gaining some strength back.

2) A recent photo of mine won a photography contest! Read the announcement here. This is the photo I entered that won $100. The theme for the contest was “happiness”.

Happy new year!

Find Your Freedom

I saw this surfer a few weeks back. We were walking along the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea and I spotted him.

On a separate note, I’m not one to spout my beliefs onto others but if you’re interested in enforcing stricter gun laws in the States, please review and consider signing this petition. I was horrified, again, when the news of the Connecticut primary school shooting reached us in Sydney. We have to protect our families, friends, and one another. For me, that includes keeping weapons out of irresponsible hands. More weapons do not translate to more safety. The petition is here: “Immediately address the issue of gun control through the introduction of legislation in Congress.”

Happy holidays, friends.