When a photo speaks to you

Taken on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia.

We had a lovely long weekend here in mid-November. It was, truly, a dream.

Also, as we approach the holiday season, I hope you’ll remember Let’s Go Lesco Photos for your gifting needs–whether cards, prints, paintings, or what have you.

If you find a photo that speaks to you, please let me know. I can have anything on my site printed in various sizes and mailed. Anything can be mailed internationally. Also, as my most loyal readers, I’d be happy to throw you a discount. Just ask 🙂

In addition to helping my business continue toward its potential, a portion of all proceeds will go to a deserving charity. I’m considering a few different ones, but if you have a suggestion, I’m absolutely open and would love to have your input. My family has a strong history of giving of ourselves whenever possible and it’s something I’m happy to share with you.

Come With Me

This canvas, entitled “Come With Me”, started as an original photo I took in August of 2012. These stairs can be found in the Royal National Park of New South Wales, Australia. Beyond that description though, you’ll be hard pressed to find the locale. Those woods were the largest and deepest I’d ever entered.

I printed, enlarged and transferred that photo to this canvas. I love the worn and aged look. I climbed these stairs with one of my very best friends. The journey was an important one for us. This canvas is currently hanging in our home, waiting for a home that needs some inspiration.

It’s grey scale and therefore quite versatile.

Size — 11 x 14 inch (and half an inch deep)

Moving Day

Two separate groups of tourists ran up to me, where I sat reading by the Opera House, and motioned to me that they’d like a photo. I thought, at first, they simply wanted one together along the waterfront so I was standing up to oblige when suddenly a middle-aged man plopped down beside me on the bench. He flashed a peace sign and the photo snapping began. You can imagine how shocked I was when each person in each group took a turn sitting next to me to have his/her own photo taken.  They were clearly thrilled to have the chance to meet me, whoever they thought I was.

When the photography was all through, each excitedly thanked me again, smiled and continued their stroll around the Opera House. I couldn’t help but laugh at the pure hilarity of what I had just experienced.

I spent the rest of my morning waking up slow, drinking coffee and taking in where I sat. My favorite way to spend a morning. When I arrived at the harbor, I did a lap, smelling the sea and soon ended up on a bench beside the Opera House. I lost track of how long I sat there, drinking in my surroundings. The city couldn’t help but push its calm, clean self on the passersby.

That was the morning of February 7, 2012. It’s now July of 2012 and I’m happy to announce I’m going to be a local Sydney sider in a few short weeks!