The Way You Intend

Australian SeascapeNot everything turns out the way you intend. Sometimes though, the outcome is beautiful.

I was working on one canvas today and it came out completely, horribly, in every way the opposite I had planned. I put it aside and threw myself into this. I’m glad I did.

I washed my brushes, cleaned up my artist’s board, and started anew.


This image began as a photograph I took in Narooma, NSW, Australia. In the above three shots though, it’s clear I took this piece a few steps farther. This is a 12 x 15 1/2 inch canvas (1/2 inch thick). The  image has been transferred to it, creating an entire new effect. This clear, Australian seascape has life to it now.

Legend Tells Us

I mentioned a few posts back that we spent a gorgeous (but chilly!) long weekend in Mudgee recently. This pit stop of sorts was one of the best pieces of the entire weekend. You’ll see why.These rock formations are known as the Three Sisters. You can learn more about their background here.Aboriginal legend says that the three ancient formations were three sisters turned to stone by a magic doctor of some kind. He wanted to protect them from harm and so temporarily transformed them from women to stone but was killed before he could change them back.

Legend aside, the view was spectacular.

What do you look for in a photo?

What do you look for in a photo? In art? In the world?

I look for a piece of me. A reflection of where I’ve been.

A connection to between my life and what’s happening around me.

Sydney Harbour Bridge - All Lit Up

Tell me, what do you look for?

I took these photos (and a slew more) on Friday night in the heart of Sydney, Australia. It was a beautiful night filled with the famous lights of the Vivid Sydney Festival (learn more here). The buildings, structures and sculptures along the Sydney Harbour waterfront were lit to please. And they did.  This is what date night looked like for hundreds of us in Sydney the last few weeks. This is what I look for in art–emotion, connection and life.