Where the Sound Waves Blur

This canvas started as an original photo I took in October of 2012. My focus was the musician at center. The other people are just as important though. What’s questionable is who the audience sees: the girls, the biker or the musician. Whose voice is loudest? Who are you listening to?


I have news!

Last Tuesday, I did a small shoot at an event here in Sydney. The event was put on by a local charity. The purpose was to celebrate transitions in leadership for them: moving from one board president to the next. The event was also meant to revitalize the support base and grow excitement about action to come.

It’s safe to say the event was a huge success.¬†People walked away excited and inspired about the future of the organization.

My news however came in the following days when I learned that one of the photos I took, along with an article on the event was published in a local magazine!!!

I wish I had made more photos available by the time they wrote the article because I have so many more, and better ones too, but nonetheless, my first photo published in a magazine!

Click here to read the article.

Momentous Matrimony

Last Friday I had the privilege to attend a gorgeous October wedding. This family has welcomed me beautifully and givingly into their lives and I’m thrilled to be a part of it and, also, to share a few of the shots I captured.

Mutually and whimsically distracted–aren’t these two charming?

Brother and nephew of the bride clearly had a wonderful time at the ceremony.

The bridal party was teary but not as much as the mothers were!Proud, happy parents.The whole production was lovely with a surprising and touching ending!Congrats to the bride and groom!

Come With Me

This canvas, entitled “Come With Me”, started as an original photo I took in August of 2012.¬†These stairs can be found in the Royal National Park of New South Wales, Australia. Beyond that description though, you’ll be hard pressed to find the locale. Those woods were the largest and deepest I’d ever entered.

I printed, enlarged and transferred that photo to this canvas. I love the worn and aged look. I climbed these stairs with one of my very best friends. The journey was an important one for us. This canvas is currently hanging in our home, waiting for a home that needs some inspiration.

It’s grey scale and therefore quite versatile.

Size — 11 x 14 inch (and half an inch deep)

From Camera to Canvas

Welcome to the newest art in my home!

Initially these five canvases were going to be a gift for my other half, but after seeing how they were coming out and knowing that any feasible holiday was still months away… I caved and surprised him. In no time, they were up in our living room. They fit in perfectly.

What you’re looking at are five small panel style canvases. Each canvas started as an original photo I took sometime in the last year. I wanted to make something very “us” and I definitely achieved that.

I love the aged, distressed look. The black, white and grey tones fit into the decor of our living room simply and easily.

From camera to canvas–from my home to yours!¬†If you like what you see, by all means let me know. I’d love to make you something similar.¬†I’ve been experimenting with transfers quite a bit lately and have a few more, larger, pieces in the works.

A Blue Moment

On a white bookshelf with a few small candles around them, they’re almost mesmerizing to look at. ¬†Despite being geometrically small, I find “Layer Me Blue” draws attention.

There are nine different tones hidden within each frame. It’s the pattern of the tones that told me when each composition was finished though. The tricky part–each teeny tiny sliver has to be manipulated individually. Just like a blue moment, a heart-wrenching day can make you lose sight of the greater picture. Just like the blue slivers, the different moments fit together and show you something more.