Twilight in Maine

I finished this piece last week. As of Monday, this, and a few other pieces, will be in the Gallery Cafe in Surry Hills, NSW. In total, they’re displaying about a dozen of my recent pieces.

This particular canvas exhibits a photo I took in August in Maine during the luminescent, golden hour. Now it’s mounted with a varnish seal for a glowing, sleek, full look.

3 thoughts on “Twilight in Maine

    • Thanks, Trevor. Can you believe tt’s actually a canvas, not a frame? I love how it gives almost the same impression a frame does. Sometimes a canvas just feels more organic, don’t you think?


      • I love it 100x more now. I didn’t even notice I was mainly looking at the picture. the canvas compliments it well and yes, its very organic. Organic: it’s how I live my life!


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