What a full week it’s been.

In the last seven days, I have had three photo gigs (four if you go back eight days!). I’ve started planning my Thanksgiving party. I’ve started planning my next international trip. I ran my first 5km. I had one horrible day, but the rest make up for it. Definitely.

How did the photo gigs come about? Well I had a phone call from a woman I met in March of last year. I did some volunteering at a local gallery and met a handful of artists. She called to see if I wanted to photograph some youth art classes run at the gallery. I was thrilled and accepted right away.

The third gig was a simple session with my CEO, taking care of his headshots/portraits.

Also this month, I’ve finished a few excellent books. I wrote about one of them earlier in the month (plus lots of other things you’ll want to see!) so head over here, stat. What didn’t I write about? How I’ve been back in Australia a month since our trip and I’m already jealous that I’m missing the Autumn foliage I grew up with. I was on the phone with my cousin the other day and he was describing how fast the leaves are changing and starting to fall. Winter will come early in New England this year, they’re saying. It’s not the snow I miss about New England but the vast changes from one season to the next though. We went skiing a few weeks ago and it was incredible to touch the snow after not seeing it for a few winters. Yes, I had a few bruises to show for my first ski trip, but it was all worth it. We had a great time. Just as exciting: there’s a good chance I’ll get a glimpse at some Boston snow next year!

Lastly, if you read anything on my website from September, make it this post called “Charitable Giving Just Gave Back”. I won’t spoil the surprise–go look for yourself.

It’s been a busy, satisfying week. This weekend will be filled with wine, editing, friends and family, and a bit of renovation. Plus a day off on Monday. Couldn’t get much better!

Above is an image from one of my shoots on Thursday. It was taken in a youth art class at Pine Street Gallery in Surry Hills.

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