Spontaneity has its place

We had a staff development day at work this week. Half insightful, half shocking. No exaggerations.

The insightful bit was focused on interaction, team skills, and personal styles. We were divided into four generic personality types. I suppose you could label it a simpler Myers Briggs. I was labeled appropriately for the most part. As negative as that sounds, the traits I was defined with were far more positive than those of the stark opposite personality type. That group was joking labeled the  “assholes” while mine received far kinder words, like “empathetic” and “relationship and listening focused”. That was alright. And completely factual on my part. I was also labeled “on the fence”. A bit wishy-washy, right? I do tend to be take my time in making decisions, but I assure you I do dumb things quickly just as often as I do them slowly.

Spontaneity has its place. I found some spontaneity, in fact, when I found this fence last weekend during a family holiday in Mudgee. Striking, isn’t it?

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