Walls of Our Own Making

Great news–I’ll have a few pieces in a gallery in April! In the mean time, I need your input to decide on my subject:

The theme: Here and Now. What’s affecting our generation? What do you think about, worry about, love/hate about our time?

Here are some of the most powerful answers I’ve received so far:

  • I hate that no matter where you go…it seems inflation is soaring, and people are struggling more and more.
  • How technology and social media affect relationships and become a barrier to them
  • Ignorance! To all things change and otherwise.
  • Dependence on technology
  • Communication and interdependence. Both love and am challenge by how technology creates opportunity to disconnect from others but also powerful opportunities and ways to connect
  • I’m worried about our addiction the media and it’s effect on education. Instead of opening a book, a teenager goes on Chelsea Lately’s Twitter or watches the Kardashians.

  • Also the internet’s incredible ability to provide so much on sex. A young girl watches porn and learns sex ed from it.
  • What’s affecting our generation–starting to deal with adult hood

    what I think about is work, people, music
    what I worry about is love
    what I love about our time is the sounds
    what I hate about our time is the lack of support for education and educators in the world

  • I hate totalitarianism. Especially the celestial kind in the form of religion. I hope people can let go of age-old myths and rely on reason, debate, and common ground to form the moral basis for how to treat one another” –anonymous

The photo above is part of a recent study of walls: the baby boomer generation put up walls to safeguard a happy, healthy, wholesome image. My generation, the children of the baby boomers, have our own version of walls. We still have them, but we like to think we don’t or if we do that we’re quite open-minded, carefree people. What I’m learning however is that our technological generation uses a wall of another kind. Our walls are ones that we create where we can control how we’re seen in a different way. An example: our social media profiles, they foster communication, absolutely, but we also hide behind them. My recent study, therefore, was in discovering and exploring different sorts of walls.

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