Circle Round the Sun

He doesn’t think his English is exactly exceptional. He’s not overly confident yet he’s one of the most intelligent and worldly individuals I’ve met. I’ve known only a few people like him.

This week he’s been telling me again and again how this book he’s reading is changing his life.

He says:

“You can choose your thoughts. You can choose your behavior and your future. Your genetics and your past and your family don’t have to decide who you are. You can choose.”

He’s certain that there are circles in our lives but that we can change their shape.

I know these things. I read. I’m fairly worldly. But to hear him say these things like it’s the first time they’re being said is still monumental.

I smile because I know what he’s saying is true.

But… he may be saying it for himself more than he’s saying it for me. Nonetheless, this man is exceptional. And I’m glad.

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