North Places

Hey friends,

It’s been a busy month and there’s new energy at Let’s Go Lesco Photos!

I went on a few trips throughout Boston, explored Cape Cod and trekked through the fields in Vermont. I’m truly proud of the photos that came as a result.

I’m also thrilled to announce the unveiling of a SALE page! The greeting cards are already selling and look great. There are also paintings, prints and more available. Head on over by clicking on “SALE” above or simply going to:

Thanks for coming along for the ride that is Let’s Go Lesco Photos. It feels great to be actively creating and bringing a bit of relaxation and enjoyment to others.

As always, thanks for the support and please feel free to share the link ( with anyone who might enjoy a moment to relax and live the art. Enjoy!

My best to you and yours,


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